Sony Xperia Tablet Z vs Google Nexus 10

November 14th, 2013

0 Sony Xperia Tablet Z vs Google Nexus 10In a comparison of what might be the two best 10 inch tablets in the market today, Josh goes through the Sony Xperia Tablet Z and the Google Nexus 10.

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2 Inch Capacitive Screen Android Watch Phone – Touchscreen Android Phone Watch With Large Screen

November 14th, 2013

0 2 Inch Capacitive Screen Android Watch Phone   Touchscreen Android Phone Watch With Large ScreenAndroid Phone Watch “Rock” – – 2 Inch Capacitive Screen, 8GB Micro SD, 2MP Camera (ACU Camouflage)

Android Phone watch “Rock”, running on Android 2.2 and featuring a 2.0 Inch Capacitive Touch screen and a 2MP Camera.

This 21st century phone watch will definitely be the gadget of the year. Wear the “Rock” around your wrist and enjoy making phone calls, taking pictures and installing apps. Experience the future today! As a high quality watch phone, the “Rock” will perform exactly like a normal handheld phone but then strapped around your wrist. Coming in such a small package, the Rock is the perfect lightweight phone! This is one accessory you shouldn’t miss out on!

Brought to you by the leader in wholesale Android phones, the “Rock” Android Watch Phone is available on Make sure to visit our site and browse hundreds of other cool electronic gadgets.

At a Glance…

*First Android Smartphone Watch on the market
*Android 2.2 OS
*Cool Army Combat Camouflage pattern
*2MP camera
*8GB FREE TF card

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Technology: PC Tips : How to Convert a Computer Into a File Server

November 14th, 2013

0 Technology: PC Tips : How to Convert a Computer Into a File ServerConverting a computer into a file server involves first establishing a static IP address to prevent disconnection and then mapping a network drive to the server computer. Convert a computer into a file server with tips from an experienced computer programmer in this free video on computer help.

Expert: Dave Andrews
Bio: Dave Andrews is a software developer that holds a degree in computer science. Currently, he is employed by a government IT department.
Filmmaker: Tim Brown

Duration : 0:2:51

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Iben Android Game console on Allwinner A31 for $150

November 14th, 2013

0 Iben Android Game console on Allwinner A31 for $150iBen shows their Game Pad L1-C, their latest Android based Game console based on A31 at $150 and MOQ is 5k pcs, they claim to sold more than 20k pcs to Europe, Russia and other asian countries.It has Emulator built-in to play many other platform games too.they also have game console with two left/right joysticks too to explore many more control games too at around 150 usd and may be available to sell by May/June 2013. They are also planning to launch with Allwinner A31S quad-core based game console.They have 7inch A20 dual core at $110 right now and A10 for $100.

Contact information for this company available at:

Filmed at the Hong Kong HKTDC Electronics Fair using the Panasonic GH3 camcorder with 12-35mm lense on a Tiffen Steadicam Merlin 2 with vest:

Duration : 0:7:39

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Sony KDL70R550A 70-inch 1080P LED HDTV : Sony at Abt…

November 14th, 2013

0 Sony KDL70R550A 70 inch 1080P LED HDTV : Sony at Abt...Buy Now –
Shop LED TVs –

Go beyond simply watching movies and immerse yourself in the experience with the Sony KDL-70R550A 70 3D LED HDTV. Although only 2 ¼ inches deep its massive screen and brilliant picture quality will engulf you in a view so realistic youll forget youre just watching TV.
Dazzling Display with Full HD 1080p and 3D
Sony employs an array of video enhancing technologies to get the absolute best picture possible out of the Full HD 1080p LED TV screen. A dynamic contrast ratio of over 1 Million helps achieve a picture with stunning brights and deep true blacks. Sonys Motionflow XR 240 technology reduces motion blur keeping fast action looking sharp. The Sony KDL-70R550As passive 3D technology (the same used in movie theaters) creates immersive lifelike 3D images using lightweight battery-free glasses. And gamers will love Sony Simulview which uses the Sony 3D technology to simultaneously display a different image to each of a pair of players wearing the 3D glasses. So instead of a split-screen view each gamer sees a full 70 inches of screen with only their half of the game.
Internet TV Your Favorite Apps and DirecTV Genie Compatibility
The way we receive multimedia content is always changing and the Sony KDL-70R550A offers multiple options. Youll find all of the typical inputs for connecting video games or a blu-ray player including a component input two USB ports and four HDMI connections. But because the R550A series are smart TVs you’ll also have the power of the internet available through your remote.

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sony kdl-70r550a
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sony kdl-70r550a 70-inch

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Samsung 46 LED TV

November 14th, 2013

0 Samsung 46 LED TVSamsung UN46F7500 LED-LCD HDTV – Click Here For More Info/Price/Review

Samsung 46 LED TV,Samsung 46 LED TV Review,

Samsung UN46F7500 LED HDTV Review,Samsung UN46F7500 LED HDTV,Samsung,
Samsung LED HDTV,Samsung LED HDTV Review

The Samsung UN46F7500 is the smallest installment of the new line of Samsung HDTV’s that are seeking to redefine the market with a collection of user friendly technology owned by Samsung. Each of these models, including the 46-inch version features 1080p resolution and a 240hz refresh rate, which has become somewhat the standard for today’s new HDTVs entering the market. Samsung is not looking to compete with other high-end brands when it comes to image quality and viewing experience.

With new breakthrough technology that is part of the revolution redefining televisions as Smart TV’s, Samsung is offering some of the latest apps and software to do just that. Samsung’s UN46F7500 features built-in Wi-Fi and comes internet-ready with Smart Hub 2.0. This technology allows users to segment their HDTV experience into television watching, social media access (including streaming Facebook and Twitter updates), apps, streaming movies and photo/video content from network access. Owners will enjoy being able to stream pictures and videos directly from their mobile devices onto their HDTV screens.

Samsung UN46F7500 LED HDTV Review,Samsung UN46F7500 LED HDTV,Samsung,
Samsung LED HDTV,Samsung LED HDTV Review

The built-in retractable camera and voice recognition capabilities bring user interactivity to a completely new level. The proprietary S-Recommendation engine provides users with recommendations in thumbnails that show at the bottom of the screen allowing for endless entertainment. The upgrade to a quad-core processor in these newer models combined with the patented Motion Judder Cancellation Pro technology makes viewing for games, movies and application use much smoother and enjoyable. Finally, the Samsung App Store features access to many great games and applications that can all be used with the UN46F7500 LED-LCD. All of this, in a sleek and modern looking frame that measures just 0.2 inches thick.

Click Here For More Info/Price/Review

Duration : 0:1:55

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Where can i find good reviews on android tablets?

November 2nd, 2013

I have been looking for android tablet reviews everywhere and all i get tech a bunch of techy stuff… I am looking for someone to point me in the right direction of the best android tablets on the market currently. Thanks.

I have found some really good reviews from this site. I have even bought a tablet based on this sites recommendation.

Is There a General Rule re the Recharging of Cell Phones?

November 2nd, 2013

I was told that to save battery life, that I should not recharge my HTC android cell phone until it went down to 30 to 40 percent power. It needs recharging everyday so I would prefer to just regularly plug it in each night and leave it. Will this result in overcharging, thus taking valuable life from the battery?

There are all kinds of myths and misconceptions about rechargeable batteries.
At one time, rechargeable batteries had a "memory" that caused the charge percent to degrade and with each charge the battery wouldn’t hold the same charge as a brand new one. While battery cells do wear out over time, modern batteries can be charged at any level. Assuming you don’t have the first cell phone with a rechargeable battery ever invented, your phone will stop charging the battery once it’s fully charged, even when your phone is powered down.

Just be careful when using a car charger. They are normally "rapid chargers" and can make your battery wear down faster. The faster a charger charges your battery, the more damage is done. I still use car chargers all the tome, just remember to plug the charger in after the car is started

What should i buy first? A new 42′ LED Vizio 3d tv or a new soundbar such as the sony htct260?

November 2nd, 2013

I’m tight with money right now and I am going to buy one or the other, I’ve never had a Soundbar before but neither have I had a 3d TV, what should I get first?!

First off you will need a tv and then a sound bar. I would not waste my money on a 3D technology that is not supported by software. Keep in mind, to watch in 3D you will need the following: 3D HDTV, 3D blu ray disc player, 3D blu ray disc movie (at this time there are only 180 titles available in 3D and they are mainly animated movies from Disney) and 3D glasses for each person. The price is higher for any 3D product. Vizio is a bargain price tv that is not very good in quality or reliability. Sony is not know for making very good sound system and the quality and reliability have dropped over the years. I never had any Sony product that have lasted over 3 years. The first DVD player model 7000 and 7700 the following year and paid over $1,100 each. The first HDTV by Sony and paid $6,400. Go online to Home Theater Magazine and read the reviews on all products for a home theater. If you read yahoo questions all the time, you will notice that 95% of tv problems comes from LCD or LED tv and 95% of those are the bargain price tv. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for. Hope this will help you out.

What are some things to put in my (future) man cave?

November 2nd, 2013

What are some things to put in my (future) man cave?
Our new house is still being built and all the bedrooms are in the top floor, so the basement is free for a man cave

So far I have: the TV(56 Inches), a two massage chairs, and a gaming console

I am getting a indoor hot tub, a mini fridge, a basketball arcade machine, and 1 cheap arcade machine from craigslist.

What are some cool tin signs or novelty things I should get? A to suggestions would be great.
I would prefer the cost is low

I think you need to decide on a theme… Is it maybe sports? Then maybe you could get some of those "fathead" stickers like these: If sports is the thing, then I’d cruise eBay and garage sales for memorabilia for your favorite team.

Also, if you intend to have friends over you’ll need more chairs and maybe even bar stools. You could find some at garage sales and paint them in team colors (you said low cost…).

Congrats on your man cave.